What Details of Share Trading Your Can Have from the Blix Group

The market values ​​for custody also vary widely, ranging from zero to more than R $ 30 per month. Some brokerages do not charge, others charge only if there are no orders executed in the month and others charge regardless.

Direct Treasury Fee:

In practice, it would not make sense to charge a “management fee” since the securities broker does not do any portfolio management work. It is the investor himself who decides which securities and when he wants to buy. The Blix Group offers the best there.

However, the vast majority of brokers charge this fee, which varies from 0% to 2% per year, on the total amount invested. As this rate is on the amount invested, it directly affects the profitability of your investments. Therefore, if your objective is solely to invest in Treasury Direct, look for institutions that do not charge fees for this.Now from Blix Group you can find the essential choices.


Other factors to consider are: whether the broker is an integrated agent , which allows you to buy and sell government securities directly through the Home Broker and how many days it takes for the balance of sales to be transferred to your account (most do same day, but some take up to 3 business days).

Home Broker or Trading Desk:

Evaluate which trading channel you intend to use. There are stock brokers that offer great rates for trading at Home Broker (online), but the fees for orders sent by the Trading Desk (phone) are usually much more expensive.

Withdrawal Fee:

Some securities brokers charge fees when the customer requests withdrawals from their account, or pass on the amount charged by bank transfer.

Attention: Do not choose only by price

While it is tempting, you should not choose only based on the price of fees charged by the brokerage firm. Poor customer service or limited tools can be costly when it comes to investing your money.