Krishna Balram Warrior Princess” is one among Kids must-watch movies... See the reasons

Krishna Balram Warrior Princess” is one among Kids must-watch movies… See the reasons


Nowadays, people engaging with OTT platforms, facilitating watching movies online. The OTT platforms also arranged many popular animated movies online for children special. In this sense, a Telugu exclusive OTT platform named aha came into the OTT market. It is now making the availability of many Telugu super hit movies, which we missed in theatres and must be seen once in a life. Aha movies now brought many popular mythological animated movies online for children.


There are many must watchable animated movies online for kids, and ‘Krishna Balram Warrior Princes’ is among those. Indian mythological animated fictions will make aware of ancient history and characters to the children. Children can also know about good and evil, moralities, and ethics by watching mythological animated fiction while they are getting much entertainment. Let’s see the story plot, highlights of the movie ‘Krishna Balram Warrior Princes’.

Characters: Krishna, Balram, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Production Company: Rajiv Chilaka on Green Gold Animations banner

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run time: 67 minutes

Year of Release: 2020


‘Krishna Balram Warrior Princes’ is an Indian mythological animated film directed and produced by Rajiv Chilaka. Rajiv Chilaka was directed fantastic mythological animated series ChhotaBheem. He is master at molding a film with mythological fiction genre, as many numbers of biggest historical super hits came from his direction. The movie released on 22nd May 2020 and turned super hit in Television views.

The story of the film is, the Warrior Princess is an account of boldness and companionship. A warrior princess from a different universe gets assaulted and is stowing away inside a gigantic lotus blossom to spare her. Accidentally, she meets Krishna and Balram. Krishna Balram assumes on the liability of ensuring her and helping her gather the assets to counter-assault the amazing underhanded adversary.

Reasons why children should watch and Highlights film “Krishna Balram Warrior Princes”:

The movie taught the importance of teamwork, humanity, friendship values, helping others in life, etc. There are more entertaining elements like adventures, battles, fantasy, etc., which enjoys children very much. And also the movie contains, that can be learned something to the children.

The director Rajiv Chilaka filmed this with his extraordinary skills. He used significant visual effects and made magic on screen. He designed each character with the utmost perfection. The characters appeared as per the need in the movie. The way he filmed the battles between god and evil powers was terrific.

Krishna and Balram characters designed powerfully with moralities and ethics. The dubbing artists gave their voices well. Background music elevated thrilling scenes, songs are impressive, which kids can be sung.

The gripping screenplay made the movie awesome.

High-end production values made the film remain among most watchable films for kids.Click here to watch animation movies online.

Finally:  ‘Krishna Balram Warrior Princes’ is the highly recommended film for the children. Aha movies added this movie to their library. It is one of the most watchable animated mythological movies of kids.